Shark Characters- Mean Girls Edition

One of my favorite movies is Mean Girls. Besides the fact that it’s somewhat ridiculous, it’s fun to quote, witty and ever so entertaining… no matter how many times I watch it. So what better way to introduce you to some of my favorite sharks than by comparing them to some of my favorite Mean Girls characters? In this weeks Shark Characters post, get ready to enter a world where every day is October 3rd, and unless you’re cool, you can’t swim with us.

Cady Heron- Oceanic White Tip

Cady was a little difficult to determine. It needed to be a pretty grool shark for it to fit with Cady’s ever changing character. Oceanic white tips are called the ‘dogs of the sea’ and are pretty opportunistic. They have been known to follow ships and are also known for attacking survivors of ship wrecks. They like to hunt in packs, like a personal ‘ban of armies’. White tips may get a bad rep, but they mostly stay away from humans in the deeper parts of the ocean.

Regina George- Bull Shark

Has anyone reading this blog ever been personally victimized by Regina George? Raise your hands kids, cause the answer is yes and bull sharks are no exception. They have more testosterone than Arnold Schwarzenegger and they are often responsible for shark bites on humans. This is because they are highly territorial and not afraid to bite anything that gets in its way, sound familiar? Like Regina, bull sharks are incredibly adaptable and can live in salt and fresh water and have been found up the Mississippi and even in lakes.

Janis Ian- Great White Shark

I almost gave great white sharks to Regina, but I honestly didn’t feel she was worthy. People are often scared of great white sharks, but they are seriously misunderstood. Kind of like our good friend Janis. She’s got this kinda rough exterior, but she’s really not so bad. Great White Sharks are typically known for being loaners, and Janis Ian is no exception. Of course, she has Damien, but Janis is the ultimate shark and my personal favorite character. She’s not scared of the overly aggressive Regina George and she certainly isn’t going to be a push over.

Gretchen Wieners- Hammerhead

We all know Gretchen’s hair is full of secrets and I think the Hammerhead shark is no different, both beautiful and eloquent but with some serious blind spots. Hammerheads have eyes that allow them to see everything around them, but nothing in front of them. Jealous of Gretchen’s tan? Hammerheads have the rare ability to generate a tan from the sun. Too bad the hammerheads dad isn’t the inventor of toaster strudels.

Damien- Whale Shark

Whale sharks are gentle, lovable sharks and I couldn’t help but love Damien from the moment we met him. Whale sharks can get up to 40 ft long and they love to feed on plankton and are considered the largest fish in the sea. Damien may not be the largest in size, but he’s the largest in heart, at least for his friends.

Karen Smith- Tiger Shark

We all know Karen isn’t the brightest crayon in the box. She’s constantly making questionable decisions and she can tell when it’s raining… I mean wow. Tiger sharks might be a bit smarter, but they do make some questionable eating choices. Known as the garbage cans of the sea, they eat everything in sight, even if it’s not actual food, like license plates for example.

Aaron Samuels- Nurse Shark

Beneath Aarons beautiful looks is a sweet sensitive soul who cares about his family. The only thing scary about Aaron is how bad at math he is, which is why he gets the nurse shark. They are very rarely dangerous to humans and swim at the bottom of the ocean eating shellfish. Nurse sharks are one of the most popular sharks for shark swimming excursions, and I personally can’t say that swimming with either would be bad, am I right? Or am I right?

Glen Coco- Reef Shark

This post would be worth nothing if we didn’t mention Glen Coco. We don’t know much about Glen, but we know he’s clearly popular with the ladies. Reef sharks are also a very popular swimming excursion for divers and snorkelers. You made the list Glenn Coco, you go Glen Coco

Hope you enjoyed! What other shark characters would you like to see featured?



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