Shark Diving Bucket List

I wish I had a ton of stories to share about swimming with sharks, but unfortunately, the closest I’ve gotten to a shark is an Aquarium. Unless you count the three nurse sharks I saw in Cozumel, and don’t get me wrong nurse sharks are fun… but I’m looking for adventure! That’s why I’ve put together my shark diving bucket list, because every great adventure starts with a dream!

You may ask yourself why someone would be crazy enough to want to swim with sharks, and you wouldn’t be the first one to ask such a question. If you want to hear about the reasons why I love sharks (and why you should too) then check out my previous blog here. If you’re up for adventure like me, then be sure to share your shark diving bucket list in the comments!

5. Yellow Polkadot Bikini

Whale sharks aren’t really whales, they are sharks and they are the largest fish in the sea. They also rock the sexiest polkadot bikini in the ocean, it’s just not yellow. You wouldn’t necessarily scuba dive with these guys (though that is an option in some places), but you can snorkel with them. These gentle giants are huge but they don’t bite. Belize starts my countdown as my number 5 bucket list spot. The Whale Sharks are most prominent during April and May, but even so, sightings are also not guaranteed. In case your wondering, showing up during a dive is not part of their job description, so try not to be too disappointed if you don’t get to see what you’re looking for (although that’s easier said than done).

4. Live Fast, Die Young, Bull Rider

Johnny Cash was pretty wise, cause if you try to ride a bull shark you will probably die. Maybe I’m being a little sarcastic, but bull sharks do have a lot of testosterone and it’s probably not a good idea to hitch a ride on one of those guys. Bull sharks scare me more than Great Whites, but talk about an invigorating dive! Bull sharks are intriguing because they can also live in fresh water and have been found quite a ways up the Mississippi (and you thought you were safe in a river, hahaha). Cancun would be my pick for swimming with these powerhouses!

3. I Got the Eye of the Tiger (Shark)

Ok, I may not have an actual tiger shark eye, but it would be pretty cool to stare one of these bad boys down. These garbage cans of the sea are elusive, but beautiful and they have stripes (like a Tiger, duh) on their sides. Tiger sharks can be seen in all different places from the coast of North Carolina to Beqa Island in Fiji. Tiger Beach in the Bahamas is one of the top destinations if you want to see some tiger sharks, which is why it’s number 3 on my list.

2. Stop! It’s Hammer Time!

I’d wear balloon pants every day for a week if it meant I got to see a hammerhead shark. Bimini is known for their Great Hammerhead population which is why it’s high on my list. I don’t just mean ‘great’ as in awesome, Great Hammerhead’s are the biggest Hammerhead shark. Their heads are equipped with these electroreceptors which help them find food buried under the sand, like stingrays (one of their favorites). Hammerheads aren’t considered man eaters and according to the Florida Museum website, have never been responsible for any human deaths.

1. White Ligtenin’

The song White Lightening might be referring to an illegal drink made in the mountains of North Carolina (shout out to my home state), but Great Whites are the White Ligtenin’ of the sea for sure. I have two dream spots for swimming with Great Whites, Guadalupe, Mexico and Seal Island in South Africa. I can’t decide which one is higher on the list but seeing a Great White breach is super important, so Cape Town Africa is number one on my Shark Diving Bucket List. Guadalupe is home to some of the biggest white sharks so it definitely comes in a close 2nd place!


In all honesty, if a shark is involved, I want to dive there. It’s not easy narrowing down a bucket list to only five locations. There are a ton of other cool sharks I’d love to swim with like black and white tip reef sharks or nurse sharks. The best part about diving is that no matter where you are, there is always a chance of seeing sharks (it is the ocean obvi) and many other amazing creatures. What’s on your bucket list?




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